HCP engagement
powered by data

At Relevate Health, we use the power of data science capabilities to create omnichannel marketing campaigns with maximum local impact. Our custom agency services and tech-powered products use data-driven insights to fuel the right message at the right time.

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Driving results that are right on

We have the experience and proprietary tools to deliver relevant communications and measurable results. And we’re ready to put them to work for you.

ROI over the past two decades


Life sciences brands
elevated in relevance


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Smart products and services

Relevate Health is the only HCP engagement company offering both consultative agency services and scalable, tech-enabled products.


Industry-leading agency services that partner with you to create digital experiences, creating life-changing HCP engagement and driving measurable success for your brand.
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Creating more meaningful engagement across the digital ecosystem.

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Building custom regional
marketing strategies.

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Key Account Management (KAM)

Working effectively
with healthcare systems.


Powered by data science capabilities, accelerated by technology, and designed for omnichannel marketing campaigns.


Breaking through the clutter by leveraging the influence of local key opinion leaders through relevant, credible HCP communications aimed at the highest potential markets.


Extending SOV for your sales team through direct mail and emails triggered by data insights, such as a physician writing more competitive NRx.


Maximizing the impact—and ROI—of educational events by promoting attendance and disseminating speakers' key messages across channels both before and after.


Uncovering rich insights through the analysis of extensive web content on related brand and category topics and audience online behavior to develop competitive content strategies.

From brand challenges to competitive edge

Connecting with HCPs presents a host of common challenges. We’re poised to help you overcome each one and truly connect with them throughout the lifecycle of your brand.

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Conditioning markets for pharma and biotech launches

Identifying actionable insights for brands and health systems

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Coordinating an asymmetrical brand launch

Delivering digital and design solutions without drama

Empowering an under-resourced sales team with limited time to focus
on local optimization 

Engaging health system leaders to support patient pathways and EHR workflows

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Improving business performance variation market-by-market


Providing customizable communications

Ensuring consistent communication between sales and marketing

Building KAMs' tools to help systems educate providers and patients


The agency is smart. If you don’t come out of a conversation with [them] thinking differently about the industry—and in particular its digital evolution—you likely weren’t paying attention.

– Larry Dobrow, MM&M Senior Editor