A full-service omnichannel healthcare marketing agency.

Whether you need help developing your strategy or using our omni know-how to bring it to life, we meet you wherever you are in your journey.

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An omni-daptable partner.

Left brain? Right brain? How about both?

Our team combines creativity and data science to give you the best of both brains and engage with hard-to-reach HCP, C- and D-suite, and patient audiences to drive activation.

Start Your Omni-Journey 
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Engage with precision, personalization, and relevance.

Bespoke solutions to meet current and future needs.

Omni know-how means always looking ahead and seeing how the pieces of your long-term strategy fit together. Our agency offers a full arsenal of engagement solutions for your ever-evolving omni-jectives.

Choose Your Solutions 

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Powered by insight and driven by results.

Content is vital but relevance is essential.

Our agency experts leverage data and creative messaging to unlock game-changing insights about your customers, using ELE and other data science tools to help your content break through.

What Can ELE Do For You? 
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Health System Marketing expertise.

Amplify your KAM plan.

We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities of key account managers (KAMs) in the health system landscape and are ready to put our 20+ years of experience to work for your brand. Whether you are just starting to build a next-generation KAM plan or looking to reboot an existing initiative, we can help you achieve your objectives with our solutions.

Accelerate Your KAM Strategy 

Where do we go from here?

Anywhere you want.

Let us guide your brand in every aspect of its omnichannel marketing needs and help you break through to achieve activation and meaningful engagement.

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