An automated, near-personal promotion platform triggers HCP communications with a rep-friendly "from” based on business rules. This overcomes low utilization of rep-triggered email (RTE) because our platform sends the communication on their behalf.


What is it?

The FieldShare solution provides the field force with an automated, near-personal promotion platform that triggers HCP communications based on business rules. The HCP receives an email from their rep customized with local market information. Because the HCP is receiving the right message at the right time from a recognizable source, the likelihood of the HCP opening and then acting on the information is increased as proven by benchmark-beating engagement rates. Reps receive detailed reporting on message delivery and HCP open behaviors, and often use FieldShare results for lead generation and/or reinforcement of their details.

When to use

  • Small percentage of field force representatives taking advantage of RTE programs
  • Field force is struggling to meet frequency quota
  • To augment field force efforts based on key business rules

Reasons to believe


Amplifies and optimizes share of voice for field force with business rule–triggered messaging.


HCPs receive personalized communications at the right time to impact prescription choice, based on custom business rules and automated triggering.


Provides relevant communications that do not require an action from the field force.

Metrics and proof points


Up to 12:1 ROI


Rx lift


unique open rates

How is it delivered?

Business rules are established in partnership with the brand and triggers are developed to deploy the right message with a relevant call to action, at the right time, without a rep having to do the work.

Nonpersonal Drivers

  • Email
  • Direct mail

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