Data is only helpful when it drives insights.

ELE’s unparalleled data resources and research science gets you to the AHA! moment to better understand your customers’ needs and tailor your omnichannel campaign.

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Unleash the great data differentiator.

Deeper customer understanding starts with ELE.

Our proprietary ElevatedRelevance Decision Engine (ELE) combines 0-, 1st-, and 3rd-party data resources with machine learning and AI to help your brand continuously adapt to the needs, preferences, and behaviors of your HCPs. Use ELE to help your brand navigate the marketplace/local variations, topics, platforms, and KOL preferences of individual audiences, and their future needs, to define next best action.


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How ELE Works

Powering our omni know-how.

ELE takes your content and messaging from “might” to “will.”

ELE helps your brand avoid the wasted effort of channel saturation by delivering insights that help you know your customers on a deeper level. Bypass the clutter and break through the noise with an omnichannel approach that understands where your customers are and where they aren’t.

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ELE's Services

ELE-vate your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Content is king but so is context.

Bring a new level of informed guidance to your engagement. ELE is used in all of our services to help your brand derive content and channel insights that meet your HCPs with unparalleled precision and awareness.

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ELE's Solutions

It’s only a solution if it solves the problem.

ELE informs all of our solutions to bring your brand peace of mind, substance, and scalability.

Identify and choose your omnichannel marketing solutions with the greatest degree of data-driven assurance. The more context and insight you have regarding your customers’ behavior and preferences, the better equipped you will be to achieve meaningful engagement and activation. ELE will help you get there.

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ELE in Action

ELE’s next-level data science resources are fully mobilized to help our healthcare marketing solutions increase activation and drive engagement.

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Launch stickier and more relevant pharma and HCP marketing content and messaging with data science that helps you know your customers better.

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Create brand allies and ambassadors with messaging that understands their needs, behaviors, and preferences.

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Field Enablement

Equip your reps with smart and intuitive marketing materials that demonstrates a deeper-than-ever knowledge of your audience.

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You don’t ever have to take an unsure step in your omnichannel marketing again. Contact a member of our team now to learn more about how ELE will help your brand maximize engagement and reach.

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