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Clutter, inefficiency, and a one-size-fits-all approach create challenges for healthcare marketers to engage with their hard-to-reach audiences.

Relevate Health’s proven, data-driven solutions and services help you confidently and relevantly engage with the audiences you need.


Whether you are building pre-launch awareness, promoting early commercialization, or sustaining brand growth, our proven approach and solutions ensure authentic, measurable engagement and results

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Precise, personalized omnichannel healthcare engagement

Reach precisely. Engage relevantly.
Activate effectively. Optimize rigorously.
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We are thrilled to be recognized as one of the top three for Agency of the Year at the Manny Awards by Med Ad News

Driving strategy.
Measuring results.

ElevatedRelevance Decision Engine (Ele) fuels the insights that generate truly effective and relevant activation.

Ele processes billions of real-world data points through proprietary algorithms to identify brand- and condition-specific, actionable insights. Ele ensures our strategists and solutions deliver on where, when, and how to motivate your most important healthcare audiences.


Precision omnichannel engagement

Data-driven and proven for confident activation.

Our custom-built suite of solutions accelerates relevant engagement with your HCPs, key accounts, patients, and influencers. Each offering is designed to solve a specific, persistent marketing or sales issue with a proven approach and consistently high ROI.

Comprehensive digital agency services

A unique combination of data-science and insight-driven creativity


Our award-winning creative team constantly finds new ways to create communication that people genuinely want to see. Using the same data-driven insights that inform the rest of our work, we creatively transform content to ensure it appeals to your market and gives you an advantage in the marketplace.

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